Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Roller Blading/Skating

Daddy and the kids.
Mommy and Ash
She had her falls also, but she did very well overall.
Taken a break...
Even though he is down he is still smiling... what a good little sport!!
Adelyn doing AWESOME by herself!!
Ashton practicing with dad.

When I got back from Vegas I felt like doing something fun with the kids. So we had set out to go and see a movie and then they decided on Bowling but when we got to the fun park they changed there minds once again and we went skating. It was so fun!! Adelyn caught on rather quickly and was able to do it on her own within the first 30 minutes or so. Ash on the other hand was all about practice but got a little to discouraged after about his 80th fall. He decided that he would try again when he was older, and went and played games with dad.