Saturday, April 16, 2011

I can't believe she is 8...

I know I say this with every single year but it is so hard to believe Adelyn is 8 years old.  It seems like yesterday we brought this beautiful dark skinned (the tannest kid ever) baby home.  We were so worried driving home I think Todd went like 5 miles and hour.  I had no idea what to do with her when I got her home.  She was so fun to have as my first.  Adelyn is such a fun little girl.  She loves to get muddy and dirty with dad and paint her toes with mom.  She recently got her hair cut so it couldn't go into a pony tail anymore.  I have tried and tried to get her to love hair bows, head bands, flowers really anything that goes in her hair but NO WAY is her response.  Although I can am only allowed to touch her hair and pick out her clothes on picture day it is still fun to have a little girl.  She had a small party this year with only the girls in her class.  They are all such cute little girls we had a great time.  

 First swing at the pinate
 A last minute decision was made when I relized we still had and hour to go before parents arrived!

 In the end dad had to take a few swings to get it down
 Adelyn's best friend Hannah on the left with her sister Abbie.  Parker who is the missing triplet is also in Adelyn's class.
 Apparently this was a loved gift by all.  There were all kinds of screams for this little pet. 

Adelyn Jade you are the smile on my face.  You are always so kind and sweet to your little brother.  You set such a good example for everyone in our family.  Your love of the simple things in life help remind me we have so much to be grateful for.  I love that you want to be outside playing every second you can.  You are getting so big and turning into such a wonderful girl.  Even though you are a bit stubborn and hate to get out of bed in the morning you bring so much joy to me everyday.  I am so glad that you are mine!!  Love Mommy