Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christmas 2009

Our Family
The Sweetest kids ever!! We couldn't have been more blessed.

Just the boys

Daddy's little girl

Me and my sweet little princess Adelyn.

The real shot!!

Me and Ashton. I wish I would have looked at him the moment the camera snapped.
These were taken in december of 09. I almost didn't get christmas pics this year. I am so so so glad that I decided to given the current circumstance of KK. These are my favorite pics we have us so far, minus the way I look (but it's about the kids right).

My Diet

I am going to blog my weight loss in hopes that I can do this for the 40 days. It will be holding me accountable more than just doing it. I started Monday the 24th. I am doing the HCG injections. Well at first Todd had to give me my shots and now I am finally able to do it myself. I have lost 7 pounds to date!! Yahoooo!! I am planning to loose 35-40 in 40 days. I know this is possible if I can stick with it. There is the maintenance phase after words that I will be able to continue to loose the rest of the 40 I don't in phase 1. It is so much harder now that I stay home all day but I think I have done rather well. I still make all the foods I am craving I just serve them for dinner instead of eating them.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


All of you probably know by now but I have lost my job with KK. I am so upset about this not only for my sake but for everyones. It was a great place to go and so many people are going to have to find something else and in Logan it is hard. I had the BEST STAFF ever I can't believe that I do not get to see them every day. I am just hoping that this is a blessing in disquise but man with the luck we have had recently I can't see how that can be. So to my wonderful staff I loved working with you and am going to miss each of you!! I hope that you will all find something that is so much better. I am going to be starting my own buisness (not photography) and I have a good feeling about it. So wish me luck and will let you know how it starts out.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Morning

Daddy with his new gun that Santa surprised him with.
Ashton so happy about his stocking stuffers!!

Adelyn opening her Jewelery box from Santa