Friday, August 27, 2010

Adelyn's Toothless Smile

Adelyn lost her first tooth when she was six years old.  By that Christmas she had the top two front teeth gone and the bottom two front teeth.  It was one big hole in her mouth.  She has since lost many more and grew a bunch more in.  She loves it when the tooth fairy comes and visits her even when it takes that little fairy her 2 or 3 nights to find her room.  Yesterday she was missing 3 teeth and tonight she was eating an apple and lost her 4th tooth. 
Today was Adelyn's second day of school and I had to be to work pretty early so I wasn't able to ride to school with her.  She is always playing outside riding her bike and I never worry.  Today I was so worried about her going by herself.  I think it is because she is gone all day and I don't really know for sure if she has made it.  At least when she is outside I can check on her if I can't see her or I don't hear her.  Do they still call you if your child is absent for a day?  Also I felt like such a bad mom yesterday with her going to school with barely brushed hair and late so we made sure her hair looked its best.  I have tried for 7 years to do something cute with her hair but she refuses to let me.  She won't even put it in a ponytail.  We have a rule that she can pick her clothes and do her own hair everyday but picture day.  I get picture days no matter what!!  She has been so good to follow the rule on picture days and so quick to remind on the other days that I try to add a little curl or pick out her shirt. 
And she's off....
                                                    Our Sweet little Princess is all grown up...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adelyn's first day of 2nd grade

Adelyn had her first day of 2nd grade today. She was a little nervous to start at a new school and the fact we were a little bit late didn't help. She was such good friends with her last class it is hard for her to think she has to make all new friends again. She is a little shy when it comes top putting yourself out there but once she knows you that goes away quickly. I know she will do just fine and have a great day. Her teacher is Mrs. Doolittle, we have heard great things about her. I am very excited about this year and hope it all goes well.

We rode our bikes to the school, the entire way she complained about her book bag. It was rubbing on the tire and was to heavy and made it harder to pedal. So I don't know how long riding bikes will last. She did really well I thought.
They are a little dark but I was so happy I got such a nice smile on the first request. If you look close you can see all of her missing teeth. She has 2 gone on the top and 1 on the bottom. My alarm went off and for some reason I fell back asleep so I wasn't able to spend as much time as I wanted on her hair. I will make sure that tomorrow it looks a little nicer.
You can't really see her outfit but it is very cute. After our struggles with getting dressed last year (and I mean SERIOUS STRUGGLES) she picked out everything. I tried to get her to get some of the things I liked but if she didn't say yes to wearing it the first time we put it back. She insists on wearing flip flops so I hope that is okay. When we were picking out her back pack she chose that one and then said "this will really impress people" I thought it was so funny. Hopefully she really isn't too worried about that or I will have my hands full and a empty wallet.

I can't believe she is already in 2nd grade!! The time has gone by so fast not to mention the summer that seemed like a week long. We didn't get a chance to go anywhere fun this summer but we are going to Oregon a week from Friday. We are so excited to be able to go and see my sister Jessica and her family. Ash will have only gone 2 days before he misses 2 days. He starts kindergarten on June 2nd. I used to long for the day that both of my kids would be in school and now I am kinda sad that it is here. Ashton still has a year till he will be gone all day but it still seems he is still my baby and shouldn't be old enough. I always thought that when my kids were both in school I would go back to school as well so I could finish what I attempted to start numerous times. My Nursing Degree. Now I don't know if that is what I want to do. I really have come to love taking pictures especially of the all the cute little kids. I guess it is time to decide for sure what I want to do with the rest of my life. I will post some pictures of Ashton's first day next week. Just saying that kinda makes me nervous for him.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Wind

The weather seems to be different out here in Mendon. Maybe it is just cause I haven't lived around this many trees in forever!! It is windy a lot which makes it very nice for those of us without the luxury of central air. When I am in bed at night I close my eyes and I feel like I am camping. I never realized what a calming sound the wind makes. Today started out as a rainy day so of course I just felt like staying in bed or cuddling on the couch with the kids. I was very proud of myself when I didn't. I was very productive and Adelyn and Ashton were so great. Adelyn was grounded from her bike today due to her lack of watching out for cars. So I planned for a day of whining and it was such a nice surprise when the kids played so nicely together all day today. Today was the first day since we moved in that we were all able to sit at the table and eat dinner together. I finally felt that I had accomplished something!! Only one more day and then the weekend. I usually work every weekend but I still look forward to them because Todd is home and I get to go to bed with him for 2 nights!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Little Photographer ADELYN JADE

Molly was so good to follow Adelyn everywhere she wanted. They had quite the photo shoot. She looks a little scared but I think she loved it.
Adelyn loves to take pictures and this time some turned out pretty cute I thought. This one is of herself but you can see the burn mark on her chin. Well I had just taken a cake out of the oven, she couldn't resist so she went over to smell it and got a little to close. Just like her mommy she sure loves cake!!
She was so proud that she got all three of them in a picture together.

I think that Mator looks so cute in this picture. Adelyn loves these 2 dogs more than anything. Every morning before school and at bedtime she has to give them hugs and kisses goodnight.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Yard

Ash enjoying eating outside... We have loved this so much and the best part about it is that we are being bugged by 30 neighbor kids asking if they can eat over. We like having neighbors but we really love that we can go outside and feel like we have plenty of our own space.
A lovely snake Todd found in the ditch that runs along the south side of our house. I know it is just a water snake but I would die if I ever saw one on the lawn by me or anywhere by me.
Adelyn and Daddy looking for snakes. I don't know why she is because if they found one she would freak out. I guess she just love being with her daddy even if they are looking for snakes.
This is the front Gate. There is a rope swing hanging from the tree that the kids love to play on.
You can't really see all the trees that surround the house, but it is covered in shade most of the day. Which I am very grateful for because we have no AC. I was certain I would never attempt living without one again but I am adjusting well. The garden is the weeds in the background but it will look great soon. I am hoping that I can grow some great things to can. I have some great memories of picking veges and fruit and canning them all with my mom.
Oh ya... The dogs love the yard and even though they could easily escape the fence they have been so good at staying in. Mator has gone under the fence a few times but is very quick to come back when he is called. Which is very impressive for him!!! (he is not the smartest dog I know)
I couldn't figure out how to get the pictures to go where I want them to so I have to do it in 2 posts...

More Blogging

I saw this really cute book that was printed of someones blog it was so cute!! So my new goal is to blog more often so I can make a cute book like that. I need to be able give my kids something and a scrapbook is just not happening.


Since Todd and I have been married we have moved 12 times!!! I can honestly say I feel that I am a professional mover. I hate it more and more each time because we seem to get more stuff with each move. I have thought most of our moves have been pretty justified but I am starting to think that I am just too picky!!! We had such a teeny house when we were first married I just couldn't imagine bringing my new little girl home to it. So we bought our first home!!! It was brand new and the perfect size. Todd hated his job and wanted to go back to school. So we sold it instead of me getting a job. I kick myself now because our house payment was only $700.00. I have paid more in RENT numerous times since then!!!!! We had alot of apartments and a couple homes after that. We went to Salt Lake, Bountiful, and then back to Cache Valley. Todd was a plumber and steady work was so hard to find we had to down grade from our 2nd brand new home. We have just moved for the last time for awhile!! We live in Mendon and I LOVE it here. It is so quiet and peaceful. My kids have a huge yard and lots of places to ride their bikes without traffic. If we move it will only be because we are getting a bigger house in Mendon. (crossing my fingers this remains true) Our home was built in the early 1900's and still has the original wall paper. It smells old and I have had alot of adjusting to a not so updated style of living. I think it has really helped me change my picky ways. We did gut and redo the bathroom. It was unbearable!! I have such a great husband that he spent all his spare time working so hard to get it perfect. It is almost done, I will post pics of the before and after soon. Here are some pictures of the house and yard and you will see why we over looked the inside. It really is nice on the inside just old. It sits on an acre and a half. We have a huge garden so that will be my next venture this spring. I am super excited about that I have always wanted to have a big garden.