Thursday, September 15, 2011


Life has been so hard this week.  Todd has been gone since early monday morning and it seems that my kids have dicided since dad is not here they can just do whatever.  I had Girl Scouts at my house on Wednesday which went very smoothly to my surprise.  I have worked everyday this week except Wednesday.  The day I help in both Adelyn's and Ashton's class.  Then I had the GS's here till 6.  Oh ya and Tuesday we spent the night in the E.R. because Adelyn was sure she broke her foot at Karate earlier that day.  (of course nothing seriously wrong)  Then tonight we spent from the second I walked in the door till bedtime doing homework and talking about what lies ahead for my lovely children in the weekend of being grounded.

Do you ever feel like you have put to much on your plate??  I mean between Todd and I working Full-Time, todd going to school FT, 2 kids, girl scouts, karate, homework, and everything else that seems to fill in the cracks.  Oh and don't forget about the dang dogs I am ready to give away after this week.  They found (MOCHA) someway to open the garage door and chew up everything including but not limited to snow boots, car mats, water bottles and the garbage bag I set in the garage for 1 second then forgot about due to another disaster going on inside the house. 

It's times when I feel so overwhelmed that I just don't know what to do next that I miss her the most.  Mom you are always on my mind.