Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Break

I can't believe that this is the last night of Christmas break!!  The time has gone by so fast.  We have had so much fun spending the last couple weeks with family and friends.  My favorite part of the holidays is getting together with everyone.  Here are some pictures of some of the fun.
 Adelyn and Ashton spent a weekend at Grandpa and Jaleens House.  They had a sleep over on Friday night and then on Saturday they made Gingerbread Houses.  Santa made a special trip to see them so he knew for sure what they wanted. 

 This is the FIRST picture with Santa since birth that we have without tears!!

Christmas Morning at our house.
They both had a lot of fun!!  Adelyns favorite present was her Barbie and Ashtons was his Nerf gun.  We spent Christmas eve with Todd's mom and Brother at her house.  I of course forgot my camera and so we don't have any pictures of that.  We spent the rest of Christmas Day with my family at Micheles eating and playing games!  

The day after we took family pictures with my side of the family. 

Then went to Salt Lake to see Todd's dad and Jaleen. 

Alley and Krista got to spend the night before they headed back to Oregon.  We had so much fun with our cousins.  Adelyn loves it when they are around because she is usually the only (little) girl cousin and all the boy cousins play so rough.

  This was a great end to a great holiday!  We sure hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a great New Year just like us!!

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Joann said...

Having Alley and Krista here was so much fun. I bet Adelyn loved it! I can't wait to see more family pictures, those ones look really good.