Monday, January 10, 2011

A little boy has stolen my HEART!

My baby turned 6 on January 8th.  I can't believe that Ashton is six years old already!  This little boy has been the light of my life since day one.  He is for sure a little mommy's boy and I LOVE it!  He has got to be the sweetest little boy that has ever walked this earth.  I think it is pretty crappy to have a birthday so close to Christmas and on top of that he has to share it with his mom.  I try so hard to make sure that his birthday is so special and that it is all about him.  When he woke up the first thing he said was Happy Birthday mom!  He was so cute! Anytime during the day I asked him what he wanted to eat or to what he wanted to do he replied "I don't know you decide your the birthday girl." 
He was so excited for his bounce house birthday party!!  He invited his whole class and had so much fun!!

He was pretty excited his cousin could make it as well. 
Ashton you are the best kid ever!  Our family would be so boring without you in it!!  I don't think anyone could ever make me laugh as much as you do.  You have the sweetest little spirit and the most curious little mind.  I hope you never loose your curiosity for life.  I am so glad you are mine I love you more than words could ever say!!  Love your mommy

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Jessica said...

He might just be the sweetest boy on earth. Happy Birthday Ashton! I bet he loves that he shares his birthday with mom! What a sweetheart.